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    ORANGE Music Roundup: Best Albums of 2014

    Here it is: the collaboration piece to end all collaboration pieces. Would we really be legitimate music writers if we didn’t join the myriads of other publications offering…

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    A Taste of Latin America in Austin

    Austin is home to some of the best Tex-Mex eateries, but if you want to immerse your taste buds further south into the tropics, here are five Latin American restaurants to try in…

  • Slawek got his first guitar 45 years ago, when an Indian family arranged to get him a handcrafted one. The intricacy and details of the instrument drew Slawek to the sitar.

    Professor of Music Learned Sitar from Masters

    If anyone has any authority in being at the right place at the right time, it is professor of ethnomusicology Stephen Slawek. Throughout his lifelong music career, Slawek has not…

  • Cheerleaders run flags that spell "Texas" across the court before a University of Texas at Austin basketball game. | Courtesy of Creative Commons

    Texas Basketball Preview: Five Questions

    Expectations in Austin are high for the college basketball season that lies ahead. At this time last year, many Texas fans were calling for head coach Rick Barnes to be fired.…

  • MODAL is a hip-hop jazz band founded in 2013, out of Austin, Texas.

    5-1-Tunes: MODAL

    With the music scene in Austin growing exponentially, there is a new band rising to the top almost every month. To make a mark in the overflow of talent, a group has to be…

  • loverosie

    5 Books You Need To Read Before They Hit Theaters

    With recent hits like “The Fault in Our Stars” and “The Hunger Games,” more and more bestselling novels are being adapted into films. By Lauren Beccue But, as everyone…

  • starbucks

    Christmas: The War On Thanksgiving

    Editor’s Note: This article is satirical. As soon as Halloween turns its back, Christmas strikes. Retailers replace the skeletons with wreaths and the orange and black…

  • fkatwigs

    Why You Should Try Going Somewhere Alone

    After stumbling upon an art pop-up playing FKA Twigs’ videos in New York city this past August, I quickly declared my passionate love for the British talent. I don’t really…

  • ahs

    Is American Horror Story One Big Conspiracy?

    Editor’s Note: This is a satirical article. As if giving Evan Peters giant, meaty lobster claw hands wasn’t enough, the creator of FX-hit “American Horror Story” sent…

  • Rebecca Klier and Cecily Johnson, friends since high school, recently came together to create Studio Yo, an artistic collaboration for the East Austin Studio Tour.

    East Austin Hosts Artists

    Walking up to the white brick house nestled in an East Austin neighborhood, fellow art admirers flow in and out of the home-turned-art-studio. A banner draped across the front…

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    Winter Forecast: Flannels and 90s Fashion

    Fashion trends create an endless cycle by bringing back trends from the past. This winter, it is time to scavenge through your local thrift shop... Because the 90s are back.

  • Flying-Lotus-Until-The-Quiet-Comes-Film-Still

    ORANGE Music Roundup: Favorite Music Videos

    Remember when MTV actually stood for “Music Television”? No? Well, the ORANGE Music staff does, and we’re still bitter about the change. At a ripe average age of just 20, we…

  • Green Bean Casserole

    8 Dishes You Can Bring To Friendsgiving

    As Thanksgiving approaches, a collective feeling of excitement grows among University of Texas at Austin students. Thanksgiving marks our first real break from class, even if it…

  • Angled shot of the right side of the dining area near the entrance of Evangeline Cafe.

    ORANGE Reviews: Cajun Restaurant Evangeline Café

    Story by Elise Cardenas Photos by Theresa Callaway  A blue neon “open” sign in the shape of Louisiana hangs in the window of Evangeline Café, representing what customers can…

  • First Aid Kit

    ORANGE Music’s Best Overlooked Artists

    Fame is fickle. Often the ones who are most worthy of the spotlight will go through their careers without ever reaching it. For some reason or another, these artists have yet to…

  • coconutoil

    29 Fun, Healthy Ways To Use Coconut Oil

    If you are the slightest bit interested in health and wellness, you have probably heard about the latest super food craze: coconut oil. It’s no secret that people are going nuts…

  • social media etiquette

    A Dummy’s Guide To Social Media Etiquette

    Your grandma probably has a Facebook, tweeting about your day has become second nature, and your Instagram is probably a collection of your favorite memories selected especially…

  • Hickoids perform at KVRX's 20th Anniversary show on Nov. 15.

    Student-Run Radio KVRX Celebrates 20 Years With Support From Alumni

    Since 1994, local radio station KVRX has played local artists for college students’ listening pleasure. But if the station hopes to keep playing “none of the hits, all of the…

    Evans is surrounded by a few of her own paintings. Her style is influenced by her love of art.

    Closet Confessional: Erika Evans

    Blonde strands of hair tinted with blue and pink dangle across psychology freshman Erika Evans’s back. Her dreadlocks are embellished with beads and colored string that swing freely against her fairy-like frame. Evans’s skin is decorated with henna, and she wears striking pieces of earthy clothing.


    12 Kitchen Gadgets You Need in Your Kitchen

    The kitchen is a sacred place in the home. Memories are made, and time is spent with the people you love most.
    And every kitchen is different. You you have a pristine Viking range oven or a hot plate with food permanently stuck to it, but the kitchen is your place to cook. Whether you are an Emeril Lagasse or the master of your microwave, here is a list of handy tools and novelties that belong in any kitchen.

    Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 6.57.49 PM

    Video: Short Bus Subs Food Truck Feature

    Between the festivals, football games and millennials immigrating by the dozens, it comes as no surprise that Austin is a hub for food trucks. From barbecue to cupcakes, these mobile eateries satisfy a bounty of cravings. With hundreds food carts scattered throughout the city, it’s hard to know which one to choose – especially to cure hunger pangs during a busy festival or post-Sixth Street hankerings. To help ease the anxiety of arbitrary decision making between neighboring vendors, ORANGE will be giving a sneak peek into the history, kitchen and crazy customers at some of the best food trucks in Austin.

    Next up: Short Bus Subs.


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