Fuel Up: Mind, Body & Car

Story and Photos by Elizabeth Robinson

Following a bright, cheerful day, Austin takes on an unreal beauty during the evening. Find a tall building or hill somewhere in town and stare into the horizon just as the sun is about to dip below our hemisphere. The combination of lush green hills, puffy clouds, the sun’s ability to seamlessly paint an entire sky orange and, if you’re lucky, a light evening breeze, is enough to captivate even the least outdoorsy types.

So naturally, finding the perfect vantage point at which to watch the sun set is a must. Enter Tuscany at 360, a gas station nestled in the hills along Loop 360, the Capital of Texas Highway, offering gas to the suburban mom with the Suburban, gulps of caffeine and handfuls of sugar for the kids after soccer practice, a beer cave and small wine selection for the nine-to-five worker (looking for relief after a long day at the office) and automatic soap dispensers in the restrooms. But that’s not the best part.

This joint’s uniqueness lies with Texenza Coffee, located in the corner and separated by a wall that lends to its comparatively calm, quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Locally and independently owned, customers may enjoy a coffee or tea and sandwiches, breakfast tacos or baked desserts and sit at a table indoors or outdoors on the shady west-facing patio, which consists of a combination of couches and tables with chairs. Arrive in the evening, gossip with your friends over a warm cup of latte, and then wait for the magic to happen.

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