From Classroom to Award Show Stage: An Interview with Writer Miles Luna

By Arryn Zech

An auditorium of people dressed in gowns and tuxedos sit hushed in anticipation of the host’s next words. The winner is announced and the room erupts in applause while three men walk up to the stage to claim their award. Among these men is Miles Luna, a recent graduate of the University of Texas, who is absolutely blown away by what’s happening.

“The fact that just a few months ago I was sitting in a lecture hall and now I’m at this award winning company that is followed by millions of fans is astonishing,” Luna said.

RoosterTeeth, the Austin production company Luna works for, was up for 3 awards this passed January in Las Vegas, a Podcast Award and two International Academy of Web Television Awards. The company walked away with all three.

“Being where I am today all started with the TV station at UT. That’s where I learned the basics of film, got hands on experience, and met the people that would get me through to the next step in my life,” says Luna.

Since arriving at RoosterTeeth in 2011, Luna rose through the ranks from intern to a lead writer of the company’s flagship show, Red vs. Blue. Luna is also now co-writing RoosterTeeth’s next big show, RWBY, a heavily stylized anime created by animator Monty Oum.

“RoosterTeeth has given me the best after college experience,” says Luna, “Everyday I’m doing something new and it’s great. I never expected my life to work out this way.”

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