Make a Date Night With Videogames

So, Valentine’s Day has come and gone, all the chocolates have been eaten, the flowers all have wilted, and the giant stuffed pink teddy bears have made their way into the trash bin after taking too much space in the bed. But the fun doesn’t have to end just because the Hallmark holiday has passed. Make every night a date night with these fun videogames that you can play with your girlfriends.


5. Portal 2

No. 5 on the list is Portal 2, a puzzle solving game that combines dark humor and silly physics all wrapped into a nice little package. Though the main story mode of Portal 2 doesn’t provide much for a two-person party, this is easily made up with the games cooperative mode.
Portal 2’s co-op mode follows two robots, P-Body and Atlas, into five sets of test chambers set up by the games leading antagonist, GLaDOS. The goal of each test chamber is to recover data disks for GLaDOS. Once a disk is found, the robots are disassembled then reassembled at the next test site to get the next disk until you’ve collected them all for your grand prize finale.
Because the concept of the co-op mode and the controls of the game are so simple, it’s the perfect game to share with a significant other.
Atlas and P-Body are sure to make the missus chuckle, and the different levels will seriously keep her on her toes as you both try and figure out the game together. Not only do you get to interact with each other as funny little robots, you also have to actually work together to get past each round of tests, though occasionally you might slip and kill your partner…”accidentally.”

4. Lego adventure games

Lego has a vast assortment of video games for every kind of couple. Lego Harry Potter for the wizards, Lego Indiana Jones for the explorers, and Lego Star Wars for the nerds are just a few examples.
The game isn’t stressful and can offer many opportunities to work together and complete the story that each game has to offer. The controls are so easy that my mom can play it, and that’s saying something.

Little Big Planet
3. LittleBigPlanet GOTY Edition

LittleBigPlanet is another great game to play with the ladies. The characters are simply adorable and the worlds that have been created for you to play in are so awesome that even the most “game-ophobic” girl will love exploring.
There are so many different levels and worlds to play in that there’s no worry of getting bored with the game or having to put it away anytime soon. For the money, it’s a great game to own and play when you both have downtime together. It’s full of whimsy charm that just oozes near-universal appeal.

2. Mario Party

For the more classic or frilly girls out there, Mario Party is the game choice for you. It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s competitive, it’s like a board game but on TV. There are different maps to play on, and if she’s anything like me, prepare yourself to play “Peach’s Birthday” over and over.

1. Left 4 Dead
For those girls that are a little more down to play games with you, Left 4 Dead is great. You get to shoot up zombies and save her from nasty boomers and massive tanks. Because of the different difficulty settings that the game offers, you can have a relatively stress-free experience and run through sewers with minimal zombie threat, or you can play on extreme difficulty and get your bum kicked by a witch within the first 10 minutes of playing.

No matter what kind of girl you’re toting on your arm, there’s a video game out there that both of you will enjoy playing together on the day of love.

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