Austin Wed: Mercury Hall

By Lisa Olson

As a wedding blogger, there are two questions I’m asked all the time. One is, “do you have your whole future wedding planned?” and the other is, “what are the best places to get married in Austin?” The answer to the first question is no, definitely not. As for the second question, there are plenty of beautiful, versatile, unique venues in Austin, but a few stand out to me above the others. In Austin Wed, I’ll be spotlighting my top picks, explaining what I love about them and listing the logistical information a couple would need to know to make an informed venue selection.

Mercury Hall

Mercury Hall in Austin, Texas | Photo by Nessa K Photography via Something Pretty

Mercury Hall in Austin, Texas | Photo by Nessa K Photography via Something Pretty

Mercury Hall may be the epitome of an Austin-vibe venue. Originally built in 1904 as a church in Mercury, Texas and moved to Austin in 1997, Mercury Hall boasts a Hill Country feel with the convenience of its location in South Austin. The tree-lined courtyard is a perfect space for a ceremony or al fresco cocktail hour, especially during the spring and fall, when Austin’s weather is near perfect. The inside of the hall features white walls, stained glass windows, and hardwood floors, which provide a beautiful backdrop for a reception. Since the interior features are so pretty already, couples can get away with doing very little decorating, but the neutrality of the space also allows for lots of creativity and color if desired. Mercury Hall has considerable flexibility regarding working with vendors, and has an extensive preferred vendor list featuring some of Austin’s most sought-after wedding professionals, so couples can easily customize every detail to make their specific vision come to life.

You’ll love it because: The delicate stained glass windows and whitewashed walls make it one of the most charming, recognizable venues in the country.

Perfect place for: A romantic, whimsical wedding for a laid-back couple.

Capacity: 250 for hall and patio; 150 for hall only

Cost: Ranges from $750 for a weekday five-hour event to $4,500 for a Saturday ten-hour event during April, May or October

What’s included: Full facility usage, on site manager, one-hour rehearsal on day prior to event; tables and chairs can be rented for an additional $250 fee

May not be the best place for: Large weddings, especially in the hotter months. The hall holds 150, but if your guest count is higher than that, setting people up on the patio will not be very comfortable on a 105 degree day in Texas.

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