In My Opinion: Vans Warped Tour

Didn’t get a chance to make it out to Vans Warped Tour this year? Don’t sweat it. Lucky for you, ORANGE took an account of the brightest, tightest, best bands there.
By Helen Fernandez

Best performance: Wallpaper.

Twitter: @Wallpaper

We stumbled across Wallpaper. almost by accident. From one stage over, we heard ground-thumping bass and an interesting mix of pop and soul beats. The crowd grooved with the band’s rhythm while the adorable Novena Carmel jumped around on stage. We walked up right as the band began their performance of Hesheroff their newest album Ricky Reed is Real. It was our favorite three minutes of the day.

The group,  composed of frontman Ricky Reed, vocalist Novena Carmel (who is actually Sly Stone‘s daughter) and drummers Arjun Singh and Tom Peyton released their first album in 2009 titled Doodoo Face followed by #STUPiDFACEDD in 2011, whose breakout track of the same name has been viewed over 3.3 million times on YouTubeTheir sound is electric, soulful and contagious. Basically, Wallpaper. makes you want to freakin’ party.

Coolest Sound: Gin Wigmore

Twitter: @gin_wigmore

Gin Wigmore, the blonde-haired, doe-eyed bottle rocket from New Zealand belts out folk-pop tunes with a completely unique and raw sound. The 23-year-old vocalist released her first EP in 2009 and it went Platinum in New Zealand in 2010. Her performances are energetic, full of attitude and altogether entertaining. You can catch her single Black Sheep from the 2013 album Gravel & Wine on episode 12, season eight of television series Grey’s Anatomy and season two of Teen Wolf, along with the song Kill of the Night.

Crowd Favorite: Forever the Sickest Kids


Forever The Sickest Kids remind us of, well, kids. Big, musical kids. Their performances are energetic, fun and usually involve lead vocalist Johnathan Cook jumping off something. The group opened with crowd favorite Whoa Oh! off their 2008 album Underdog Alma Mater, followed by a few more tracks from the same album. The guys’ worked the crowd well, telling fans to take a minute to hug each person to their left and right, and then create a group hug with their “three newest best friends.” FTSK’s newest album, J.A.C.K., is available now on iTunes.

Freshest face: Citizen

Twitter: @CitizenMi

Hailing from Ohio, Citizen is making waves in the alternative music scene with their new record Youth by Run For Cover Records. The album, which resembles the stylings of bands like Brand New, grabbed the #171 spot on Billboard’s top 200 list a few weeks ago. This year marks the band’s first appearance at Warped Tour, and fans definitely showed support – vocalist Mat Jefey performed to a packed house in the Acoustic Basement. Check our our exclusive interview with the band here.

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