Closet Confessional: Devonshire Lokke

Posters and paintings plaster Devonshire Lokke’s wall, along with jewelry and scarves hung like pieces of artwork.  From the raptor head to the vintage gypsy mantled on the wall, a bohemian style encompasses the entire apartment. Her closet greets visitors with soft, dark tones of black, grey and blue, with splashes of color in between. From her personal style to her pad, Lokke stands out from the crowd — which is exactly what she means to do.

Text by Sylvia Kim

Photos by Jonathan Vail

“I want to be someone who gets noticed,” says Lokke, an anthropology second-year at UT. She says it all started with hand-me-downs from her sisters. From there, she began experimenting with trendy items that were everything but ordinary, then she moved on to thrift shopping. “Recycling used clothes is like bringing back history,” Lokke says.


Lokke says her personality has manifested through her clothes over the years. In the past, she wore a lot of black and says she was very anti-social. However, as her personality transformed her clothes began mirroring her changing persona. She started to add more color and vibrancy to her closet, while also channeling creativity in other areas of her life (like her apartment). While pairing a sheer blouse with colorful geometric pants may seem risky to some, Lokke calls it “artistic.” “I’d rather be interesting,” she explains. She gathers inspiration from art, and she even paints some herself.

For Lokke, originality is key. She feels her best when she is comfortable and expressive. “When you feel physically good, you feel confident and self-assured,” says Lokke. And although Lokke’s style may seem like an exhausting artistic formula, comfort also has a place in her closet. She wears softer colors during the day to contrast her “going-out” getups, and she adores rompers because she says she doesn’t have to worry about the way she moves while wearing them.


When it comes to ACL wear, Lokke busts out her best thrift shop finds. For this year’s festival, she plans to wear a $7 vest over an embroidered blouse, with classic, cut-off denim shorts. This may seem run-of-the-mill, but Lokke swears her outfit won’t be like all of the rest – hers will have a magic touch. “I really like interesting jewelry. I like natural things like bones, skeletons, and bugs. I have a lot of feathers, gems, and rocks,” Lokke says.

Considering herself both a trendsetter and a trend follower, Lokke’s outfits are a mixture of vintage boho, pulling trends from the ‘60s to today. For fashionistas who may be afraid to follow in Lokke’s footsteps, she has one piece of advice: “Wear what makes you happy.”

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