Reflect Your Resolutions in Style

Fashion can be a powerful tool and method to help you stay on track with your New Year’s resolutions.  Visualize who you want to be. If you want to land that job, dress as if you’re already thriving in the career you desire.  If you want to transform your body, transform yourself with the workout gear you’d wear at your first marathon.  Wearing clothes that make you feel empowered gives you a huge boost of confidence. By dressing accordingly, you will regain the optimism you had on the first day of the New Year that so often slips away from us.

Story by Sylvia Kim


The most common New Year’s resolution seems to be getting into shape.  And half of the battle is getting to the gym.  Nowadays, almost every store has created a section dedicated to gym wear.  Wearing gym clothes can serve as a great reminder to stick to your commitments.

IMG_7167 edit

Caroline Cooper – photo by Gina Carra

Business honors and finance student, Caroline Cooper, makes an effort to stay on track by dressing for the gym in bold neon outerwear, a subtle tee and shorts. This look transitions smoothly when she has to leave the gym and head to class. This has helped her to keep up with another resolution — competing in a triathlon.  “I recently joined a triathlon training team and just ran a half marathon last weekend,” Cooper says.


Another common goal? Taking initiative. We all want 2014 to be the year we finally accomplish all of our personal goals, such as being more confident and outgoing. Taking risks in fashion can feel challenging, but choosing to take that risk may give you the courage to overcome hesitation and lethargy in all aspects of your life.

Photo by Tess Cagle

Jacylyn Kachelmeyer – photo by Tess Cagle

International relations Plan II junior Jaclyn Kachelmeyer made a variety of resolutions this year.  “I want to make more home cooked meals, and I got a texercise pass, and have gone to yoga.  I want to try to be more proactive,” she says. Channeling this resolve, Kachelmeyer wears a bold jacket that balances her casual jean shorts.


At the beginning of the year, many people resolve to search for a new job or internship to get closer to where they want to be in their careers.  Wearing an outfit that makes you feel both comfortable and confident gives you that edge while pursuing career goals — the pantsuit is no longer the only option.

Laura Lopez - photo by Tess Cagle

Laura Lopez – photo by Tess Cagle

Accounting sophomore Laura Lopez says she has tried to dress for success. Lopez mixes business and casual wear to remain remaining confident and comfortable in a  career-ready look.


Good grades are the most common resolutions for students.  As a tired college student, dressing for class sometimes means wearing whatever is most comfortable. However, there are benefits to dressing up for class. You may feel more awake and alert in an outfit that doesn’t remind you of getting back in bed.

Adriana Ovalle - photo by Tess Cagle

Adriana Ovalle – photo by Tess Cagle

Textiles and apparel freshman Adriana Ovalle personifies the casual school-girl look, while maintaining her comfort and individual style.  “My New Year’s resolution is to focus on my grades and to try to find an internship,” she says.


But not everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes, a new year just calls for a revitalization of last year’s promises and a reassertion of one’s own personal style.

IMG_7170 edit

Tracy Luong – photo by Gina Carra

“I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions, to be honest.  I’m just ready to get out of school in May,” advertising senior Tracy Loung says. Loung sports a baggy jean blouse and an unique headpiece.

For 2014, many UT students have resolved to focus on being healthier, more proactive and focused on schoolwork. No matter the resolution, or the style choice, the clothes you choose to wear this year have an impact on the way you feel. Fashion is one of the mediums through which we can express our personalities.

And it’s never too late to dress like the person you are or want to be.

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