West By West Campus: A Photo History

West By West Campus, a West Campus festival started by UT students, saw its final year in 2014. To commemorate the fifth and final WXWC, ORANGE photographer Mikaela Casas selected some of her favorite photos from the event.

By Mikaela Casas

The West By crew cleared out the Eden House couches to set the stage for the opening act of the fifth annual West By West Campus festival.

IMG_5928 edit

The weather welcomed the crowd when they gathered on the steps of Eden House to start the day-long music portion of the festival.

IMG_6039 edit

Dacoit, a band compromised entirely of UT students, shook up the living room of Eden House with their opening set. Together, with a few crowd-pleasers, Dacoit played originals, including “I’m Not Sure.”

IMG_5970 edit

IMG_6020 edit

After their set, the members of Dacoit relaxed among the misplaced furniture on the lawn of Eden house, excited to be spectators, as well as performers, in the festival.

IMG_6051 edit

The 21st Street Co-Op served as the second venue for West By, complete with a built in stage and colorful murals. 

IMG_6495 edit

The Trimms kept the crowd going with an energetic stage presence and an upbeat set that included an indie cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.”

IMG_6096 edit

IMG_6057 edit

IMG_6059 edit

While waiting for the start of the next band, one spectator lounged on a swing in front of French house, the third venue for the West By festival.

IMG_6493 edit

The festival moved on to French house when Red Blue One Two began their set with an energetic pop punk sound that got everyone moving from the ground up. 

IMG_6427 edit

IMG_6422 edit

IMG_6430 editIMG_6450 edit

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