Tweet-Cap: UT Democrats v. College Republicans Debate

Last Wednesday, The Horn hosted a debate between UT’s College Republicans and University Democrats, which was moderated by The Horn and ORANGE magazine (that’s us). The debate covered topics of economy, education, healthcare and immigration. Overall, the deliberation was a success; a full house packed the Texas Union Theatre, and debaters led substantial arguments with interesting viewpoints. The real action, however, took place on the live Twitter feed rolling in the front of the room with the hashtag #UTdebate. Many questions were posed by the audience, and some brawls even broke out among select handles.

By Megan Fullerton

For those that weren’t able to make it, thankfully there is a detailed log of every word said (or not said) during the debate:

At 8:08 p.m., the debate begins.


Republicans issue an opening statement.


  Then, the Democrats state their position.  


Then, it gets intense. And personal.



The real debate begins.  


  Hmm, interesting:


As a college student with a minuscule budget, I can verify this.:

Now, our foreign correspondents talk immigration policy.






  Versus fake human beings?


Oh good, the Internet has arrived just in time for immigration:

Republicans are beginning to side with Democrats on end goal, but disagree on the path to get there.


Next: Affordable Care Act.


 And then we had a House of Cards reference!



 Okay, let’s address the REAL issue here.




  I guess this is what happens when you have a panel full of men:  

Onto policy concerning poverty:




Lastly, social reform:




  The Republicans took a Libertarian social stance: 


And of course, the NSA.




All in all, the debate generated interesting discussion, considering the common ground the two parties found. Although a winner between the UT Democrats and the College Republicans was not declared, Twitter came out victorious.

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