13 Signs You’re a Journalism Student

Surviving the first year of journalism school is hard, but you do learn a few things along the way. Here are the top 13 ways to tell that you’re a true journalism student, as told by Kristen Wiig.

Story by Andie Rogers

1. You’re reminded daily that you’ll probably be poor working for a small town newspaper.

2. You react with utter excitement when your editor/professor likes your story.

3. You dread assignments that require you to speak to an official.

4. You don’t “turn up” on Thursday nights because you are most likely working on a story.

5. You swear AP Style will be the death of you.

6. No matter how far in advance you plan an interview, it is inevitable that the interviewee will cancel the day of.

7. You often stay up all night to finish a story.

8. You have become extremely thick-skinned.

9. Story assigned today. Due tomorrow? No big.

10. You freak out internally (and sometimes publicly) when you find out you get to interview someone famous.

11. You’ve made it through an entire interview with your recorder off at least once.

12. It is ingrained in your mind to always seek the truth and remain unbiased.

13. When it comes down to it, you actually don’t know what to do with your life.




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