#AlbinoSquirrelatUT: Gave Me an A

The internet is a funny thing. We can communicate across countries and seas, sharing ideas, thoughts and, of course, pictures. Nowadays, with a quick pic you can turn an average Joe into a viral sensation. This was the case for UT’s resident Albino Squirrel. In the generation of Beliebers and Directioners, why not add some Albino Squirrel-ers to the mix?

By Selina Bonilla

This viral furry-friend has caused a stir on the University of Texas campus. Many do not know what jump started his fame. Maybe it was his silky albino fur, his shiny brown eyes, the swish of his tail or his rumored A-giving powers that captured students’ hearts and social media accounts. Whatever it is, the Albino Squirrel has made an deep in the heart of Texas.

Albino Squirrel’s picture is featured on the timelines of many Tweeters and Instagrammers. Memes, videos and even clubs have been created to celebrate this test-rescuing hero. His followers have increased dramatically and his mentions include marriage proposals and grateful students.

The UT white squirrel

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Stealth mode #blending#utalbinosquirrel#utatx

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Saw #Albinosquirrel during finals! #winning #UTMyths #UTLegend #UTalbinosquirrel

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UT’s School of Undergraduate Studies decided to jump on the#AlbinoSquirrelatUT bandwagon. It also confirmed that the the Albino Squirrel did not lose his job — running around campus and doing squirrely things — amidst rumors that circulated.


Like all trending topics, you have your supporters and your haters. For some people, the sensation is nothing more than a ploy. With popularity comes controversy, as Albino Squirrel has witnessed while dealing with the backlash seen online.

Even other squirrels had some choice words to say over their famous counterpart.

The CEO of ChipR, a company that connects “students to grade-savers” has actually claimed that they are the reason for Albino Squirrel’s popularity. They stated on a LinkedIn post that they harnessed social media’s “desperate student demographic” to give our little tree climber stardom. However, tweets from the Albino Squirrel denounced ChipR’s claim. UT also released a statement that they have no affiliation with this company.

Albino Squirrel is hopping through the negativity. With his recent interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show, his fame has sky rocketed. The quirky talk show host questions Albino Squirrel about the pressure from his numerous followers, the oddity of his fame and his other talents. There is no doubt he charmed the audience and viewers.

“I can steal fries pretty well,” Albino Squirrel says in an interview with Ellen.


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