Fun Fun Fun Fest Recap: The Good, the Bad and the Shitty

Story by Dahlia Dandashi

This weekend, people from all over had three times the fun at Fun Fun Fun Fest. Auditorium shores provided the city of Austin with a successful three-day music/food/games/comedy/dance party. Here’s what you might have missed out on:

FFF- All photos by Dahlia Dandashi

The will-call line that went to the ends of the Earth
On Friday, the line to pick up wristbands seemed to go on for forever. The line was anywhere from a two- to four-hour wait, with people outstretched across the South First Street bridge all the way to Cesar Chavez. Customers were not happy. Click here to see our recap of the will-call line from hell.

FFF- All photos by Dahlia Dandashi

Dreams came true when a taco-filled cannon shot deliciousness into the screaming audience of Friday’s Run The Jewels show (definitely tops the high-power T-shirt cannons we see at football games). There’s no turning back now.

The ACW Wrestling ring
Okay, so it was no Fight Club, but there was fighting nonetheless. The wrestling fired people up and provided entertainment when I had some free time between music sets. I didn’t think much of it first, but then I found myself yelling profanities and adrenaline-fueled comments at the wrestlers.

FFF- All photos by Dahlia Dandashi

The Volcom Ride and Skate park
Volcom teamed up with FFF and brought famous BMX riders and skateboarders to the skate ramps. Although pros performed in competitions and demos, there was also an open skate for anyone who dared. More impressive than Ryan Sheckler’s appearance was CJ Collins, a 10-year-old skateboarder that killed the ramps.

Free Twinkies and Luden’s
If it wasn’t a flying Twinkie that caught you by surprise, it was a pack of Luden’s lozenges that was slipped into your hands. Free treats for all!

FFF- All photos by Dahlia Dandashi

Nothing beats festival food. With a variety of munching options, all festivalgoers’ taste buds could be satisfied. The selection included Chi’Lantro, Whole Foods, Bananarchy, Tiff’s Treats, Juiceland, Kebablicious and much more. I ate a lot of everything, and I have no regrets.

Porta-Potty Photos
There’s no better place to be photographed than… in the toilet? People lined up to pose and pout in the poster-decorated porta-potty for a professionally shot photo. Which is tackier, the FFF porta-potty or the iconic ACL frame? You decide!

FFF- All photos by Dahlia Dandashi

The picture perfect skyline
Nothing beats downtown Austin at sunset. It made me want to take out a blanket and lie in the grass for hours with my significant other. (Okay, no significant other—just me. And some Twinkies.)

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