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 Jane Claire Hervey



Shamelessly addicted to writing about everything and singing in the privacy of her kitchen at the expense of her neighbors’ friendship, Jane Claire comes from Rio Hondo, a little town in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. A third-year senior, she spends most of her time obsessing over ORANGE, editing stories like an AP Style police officer, galavanting around Austin at festivals and concerts, Buzzfeeding or putting far too many things on the walls of her apartment (it’s therapeutic). She just returned from an internship at Reader’s Digest and The WILD magazine in New York, and she currently works as a freelance copy-writer and creative consultant. Jane Claire plans to work in content curation, freelance journalism, and magazine development (specifically for her blogazine, BASICS) when she graduates from UT in December.


twitter: @byjaneclaire

instagram: @byjaneclaire


Kris Seavers
Co-Managing Editor


Brought to you by caffeine, Kris is a sophomore journalism student from San Antonio. She enjoys writing, photography, thrift shopping and concert-going, and she is an active member of the LGBTQ and feminist communities. Between retail jobs, she has worked as a photographer on Longhorn Life, interned at San Antonio Magazine and, of course, found her home at ORANGE. Although her career aspirations are constantly in flux, she is certain of her passion for telling human stories. Until she figures the rest out, she will be attending poetry slams, browsing the documentary section on Netflix and eating queso.


twitter: @krisseavers

instagram: @krisseavers


Sarah Montgomery
Co-Managing Editor


Sarah Montgomery is a second-year journalism major from San Antonio, TX. She discovered her passion for storytelling in her high school yearbook program and since then has nurtured her love of writing, photography, and design. A workaholic by nature, she is most comfortable knee deep in tasks to complete. Her favorite things include flipping through magazines, traveling, trying out new places to eat, and tip-toeing around art museums. She has worked in the life and arts and photo sections of The Daily Texan and is currently a senior photographer for The Daily Texan. She loves covering anything that has to do with style, arts, and culture. In addition to managing ORANGE, she is currently working on creating her own online zine that she hopes to launch in winter 2014.

twitter: @withalittlejazz
instagram: @withalittlejazz

Darice Chavira
Photo Director


Darice is a senior from Spring Branch, Texas with a deep love for photography, the outdoors and any canine that crosses her path.Along with working as photo director for ORANGE, Darice is also a writing coach for the LCAE Writing Support Program within the Moody College of Communication at UT. In addition to ORANGE, Darice has also worked as a staff photographer for Longhorn Life. This past summer Darice interned with Naturally Fit Magazine and is currently interning with Texas Monthly. Upon graduation, she plans to pursue a career in journalism at a magazine publication.

twitter: @dchav_5
instagram: @dchav_

Bryan Rolli
Music Editor


From the humble town of Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania, I moved to Austin last year and quickly found myself immersed in the most vibrant, eclectic community of individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Now in my sophomore year at UTI’m still meeting more of them every day in a city that can’t help but produce brilliance, both musical and otherwise. Far from just an observer in the music world, I also play guitar and abuse my vocal chords in a heavy metal band back home called The Last Remark, whose eventual goal is world domination. My other hobbies include painful leg workouts and listening to ironic rap music on repeat — and, no, I can’t actually explain what ironic rap is.

Helen Fernandez
Style Editor


Helen is a junior journalism and radio-television-film major from Oxnard, Calif. Aside from heading ORANGE’s fashion section, she is also a staff photographer for The Daily Texan. In her spare time, she likes to watch 30 Rock, write scripts and work on her long-awaited blog. After graduation, Helen hopes to write, eat and photograph her way around the world for a travel magazine.

twitter: @HelencarolineF
instagram: @helencfer

 Madison Hamilton

Food + Drink Editor


Hi! I’m Madison (Maddy) Hamilton. I was born and raised in California so naturally I love the beach, hiking, and Mexico style Mexican food (sorry Tex-Mex lovers). I moved to the weird and wonderful city of Austin about two years ago and hopped on the ORANGE Magazine train soon after. I spend the lion’s share of my free time searching for the world’s best margarita, brainstorming ideas to pitch on Shark Tank, and playing with other people’s dogs in the park. I hope to one day write a screenplay, move to Australia, open a cafe, get a dog (or four), and finally figure out my stance on the Oxford comma.

instagram: @madhamilton
twitter: @madmhamilton

Megan Fullerton
Buzz Editor


Megan is a senior double majoring in journalism and economics. From Dallas, Texas, Megan enjoys running trails, bottomless cups of black coffee, freelance writing for Wikipedia and hanging out on the Internet.  She formerly worked for The Daily Mississippian writing about the local music scene in Mississippi and as a press intern for Ted Cruz’s campaign. Megan hopes to go to law school and study aviation law to prolong impending graduation.

twitter: @lazerpizza
instagram: @meganfullerton

Samantha Grasso
ATX Editor


Hailing from the sleepy suburb of Round Rock, Samantha was raised on rose-colored dreams of living in the big city and punctuating the music scene. Now a third-year journalism major at UT, she’s realized that student life in Austin is a little less punk rock, a little more writers block and a whole lot of Kerbey Queso. In addition to writing for Orange over the last year, Samantha has written for The Daily Texan Life & Arts, worked as a UT orientation advisor, and headed publicity and advertisement for Campus Events and Entertainment Headliners. When she’s not spouting off on Twitter, you can find Samantha reading BUST Magazine or eating a chicken sandwich.
twitter: @samjgrasso
instagram: @samjgrasso

Rahul Naik
Sports Editor

IMG_1216. (1)

Rahul is a junior biology major and journalism minor from Sugar Land, Texas. He plans on going to medical school and traveling abroad to do medical volunteer work, while documenting his experiences along the way. To channel his passion for sports, he also aims to be a medical correspondent for a sports network in hopes of reporting on athletic injuries. In his precious spare time, Rahul can be seen volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, studying for the MCAT, playing sports with friends, or sampling Austin’s palette of culinary ingenuity.
Twitter: @rahnaik34

Catherine Alvarado
Social Media Director


Catherine is a senior Journalism major from Lake Jackson, Texas. She is passionate about photography, design, and all forms of writing. When she isn’t obsessively checking her Twitter feed, Catherine enjoys binge-watching anime, exploring Austin, and learning how to cook. She would like to write or photograph for a major magazine publication after graduation.


twitter: @helloavacado

instagram: @theinfinitemoment

Mikaela Casas
Videography Director


Mikaela is a second year journalism and government major from San Antonio, Texas. She enjoys attending live shows around Austin and talking music and movies. Through ORANGE, Mikaela plans to expand her skills as a videographer and writer. After graduation she hopes to attend law school to study media law.

Courtney James
Marketing/Advertising Director


Hello! My name is Courtney James and I am a senior advertising major at the Moody College of Communication. I spend far too much time on the Home Decor category of Pinterest, and have an affinity for AHS and Orange Is The New Black. Although my major is Advertising, my passion is, more specifically, branding and design. Last Spring 2014 I was given the honor of leading Orange Magazine’s very first marketing section and I can’t wait to spend my second semester doing the same. Feel free to check out my social media accounts and contact me for any marketing/advertising related questions!

twitter: @Courtney_Brooke
instagram: @courtneybrookejames

Kristen Hubby
Associate Style Editor


Kristen Hubby is a junior majoring in Journalism at the Moody College of Communications, and specializes in all things fashion and fun. After graduation she hopes to write for a magazine and travel the world at the same time. If she isn’t out scouting interesting style she is stuffing her face with the city’s best food, because why not.


twitter: @k_hubbs

instagram: @Khubbster

Dahlia Dandashi
Associate Style Editor


Dahlia Dandashi is a junior at UT. Dahlia, a child of the beach and nature, grew up in Dubai. She studies journalism and business and wastes her time reading Sylvia Plath and making ridiculous free style jams with her friends. She’s interested in anything from food (lots of it) to every shade of lipstick you can find. You can find her with a camera and pencil in hand, yelling sarcastic comments and fixing peoples’ grammar. She wants to continue to travel the world and annoy people with her singing and ukulele in every city she can get to.

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